Sexy Unique Restaurant…

Mar 30, 2022

From: Sexy Unique Restaurant
Email: [email protected]

Subject: New fling?

Spill It to These two west coast dudes (one who is single since the reunion) and the other who is partnered) are VERY close. They’ve been seen cuddling in elevators shared a bed on a recent trip, which is why the other friend was missing.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (

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  1. Surver

    James and…Sandoval?

  2. Tess

    James and Sandavol?!

  3. Aggster84

    James and Sandavol

  4. Kim Lo

    No way! James and Tom Sandoval. I’m so here for it 🔥
    🍿 👀

  5. Tom Tom

    Are people okay??? Its obviousy tom and tom I’m dying lmfao. James is not single. He has a girlfriend???? Yall are buggin

    But anyways
    I knew this. I saw a pic of sandoval the other day….my gaydar is pretty damn good. Just saying Ari might not want kids w him for more than one reason

    • Umm

      That makes no sense. It says the “other friend was missing.” When they were in Vegas, Schwartz was missing. Tom and James were together.

      • TheyPumpItUp

        OK, I’m reading this as “The one who’s single SINCE the reunion” (like, became single since the reunion aired) would tech be Tom! James was single AT the reunion. (?). Obviously TomSand is the one “partnered”
        *but I don’t follow their socials to know who was on the recent trip or not?!? Either way—this is some TEA, but not shocking!

    • SN

      “Which is why the other friend was missing” wouldn’t that be one of the Toms? Meaning that this is NOT Tom & Tom.

      • K


    • LVP

      The heading says “sexy new restaurant.” Wasn’t that in the vision statement for Tom and Tom’s new restaurant? Also it says “one is single since the reunion.” Schwartz is single since the reunion.

      • Marie

        It says Sexy Unique Restaurant— which is SUR.

    • Kim Lo

      The friend that “went missing” was Tom Schwartz. James had a show in Vegas, both Toms came along, they posted a story looking for Schwartz as he was MIA. So if you read it right, it’s James (recently single since the reunion), and Tom Sandy ( partnered).
      Otherwise, I also would have assumed Tom and Tom. They’d be a magnificent couple.

  6. Randall

    Tom and Katie were together at the reunion. It’s fit James and Sandoval plus don’t forget about the rumours about James and Logan when he was with Requelle.

  7. Rhonda

    Wait. What?

  8. Em

    I could totally see this. I’ve always assumed Tom Sandoval to be bi-sexual (and no, that’s NOT meant to be a negative statement) he’s just always been in committed relationships with women. And James…I don’t know he has some demons, maybe sexuality is something he struggles with. I’ve also seen a lot about James drinking again, so maybe when he’s drunk he’s more comfortable exploring that side of himself. There was that rumor about him and Logan…


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