He was fired…

Mar 11, 2022

The husband of SLC housewife was fired from his top position at the company. They weren’t happy with the show to begin with but his naked antics sealed the deal. It’s a huge financial issue since her company is bleeding money. Let’s hope bravo is paying her well. Allegedly.


  1. Bad Weather

    Mild rose, too bad

  2. Nana

    Does anyone actually watch this show! Seems like such a dud….even w a felon!

  3. AV

    Dried up Rose coming soon.

  4. Lululalaiseeyatherehi

    And now whitney posted that cringe pic of her and Justin, dog piss on the floor and all…. Give it a year, and she is gone hunny, on her way to the nxt married man. Justins pockets are empty soon so pumpkin will move on.

    • Peed my pants

      Literally had to go back and check this out. Lol dying of laughter.


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