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        I’m catching up on this weeks Winter House and I’m curious what everyone thinks about the Austin/Lindsay/Carl situation. Whose side are you on and why?!

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          I think Austen is messy. Linds and Carl both said they became official after the wedding. A few days. He is just looking for drama!



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              I genuinely feel for Austen if he was in an uncomfortable situation but also I think it’s gross that Lindsay l asked Austen not to say anything and he told people at brunch that morning and then on camera before she was present. I feel like everyone is always ganging up on Lindsay and I know she isn’t perfect, but it’s tired.

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              I think Austen didn’t need to wait until they were all at the house to bring it up, but he knows what makes good tv – what do you think @Macie?



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                I definitely think Austin is messy and just trying to make good tv. Do you think the cast is purposefully alienating Lindsay so she’ll leave the show?

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                Bravo obsessed

                  Lindsey is a boss and I also love Amanda and Paige but they way they all gang up on her makes me feel bad for her. But of course it makes good TV and at the end of the day I think they all know they have to make a show. Some of Craig’s comments are below the belt about her but I think he acknowledged it on WWHL.

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                    I just feel like this season of Winter House is so hard to watch! It’s good, but also cringy. They all have so much underlying drama that happens off camera so were all hearing it second hand and it’s hard to follow. Like this season of BH. I think Lindsay has outgrown the show and should get a spin off with Carl!

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                      I truly don’t know why anybody in that house cares so much. Like why does it matter when Carl and Lindsay made it official? I feel like they just all have a vendetta against her…don’t even get me started on the comments about her looks!

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                      Tasha Beg

                        It’s one thing for Austen to be sharing that intimately as part of expressing vulnerability but the manner he pulled through with that hot mic press session to the gossip queens of the house and who are NOT Lindsay’s allies is very telling.

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                        Paige Palmer

                          I think Shep 2.0 is desperate for the attention. Be a gentleman please and try to be Vegas about it. It’s not a good look for him to stir the pot, especially after Lindsay already told Carl her version.

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                            (On another winter house topic)


                            I’m generally a big Lindsay fan but I’m disappointed in her response to Jason. I really like Jason and I think he was truly hurt and being genuine and I feel like she didn’t truly apologized and just kind of brushed his feelings off.

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                                Lindsay did an interview with @shespeaksbravo and said that Jason definitely knew the news would be made public. She said they even filmed a scene during last season of summer house but it was cut.

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                                Paige, Amanda and Ciara hate on Lindsay so much that it’s cringe to watch their insecurities on display to this level with another woman who remains unbothered by them. Lindsay has her issues but it’s tiring and not fun to watch people try to drag her for existing. She’s not perfect but at least she tries to acknowledge it. Austen is just messy AF and knows what makes good TV then feels “bad” about it whereas Craig is essentially the Winter House/Southern Charm version of a male Rinna lol

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