Who’s the worse hostess? Dorinda or Mia and why?

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      Paige Palmer

        Honestly, after seeing this week’s RHOP I didn’t think Dorinda could be dethroned as the most Ungracious Hostess, in spite of her efforts to ‘Make it nice”.

        But Mia?? Woahhhhhh. She seriously gets the crown. Let’s examine the evidence.

        She made a spectacle of herself at the ladies dinner, and then caused mayhem with Wendy. Throwing a drink on your guest should be enough to get you the Worst Hostess Crown. She reneged on housing for the ladies that didn’t ‘support’ her. She was prepared to leave the house (and her hostess duties) to scurry off home to Daddy G.  She got a nail tech in to repair her nail, without even asking if the other ladies would want a service. She cancelled hosting Karen’s party, then got angry because Karen didn’t go.

        Did I miss something?? So much to unpack here!

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          Oh my gosh Mia by far! Dorinda would never kick somebody out just because. Mia is so freaking petty man…and then to not even confront Karen but make her friend do it? So odd.

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          Blanche Devareaux

            Both were super controlling and petty but Mia takes this crown with ease. Dorinda didn’t throw a drink or try to physically attack anyone. Then say you have to leave because they want to check on someone. As a whole this trip was a shit show from start and I imagine to finish as well.

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              Definitely Mia! At least Dorinda apologized.

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