So, what do you all think about the Cocktail Party site so far?

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      We’d love to hear what you all think so far. Please, be honest!

      You can always reach out to Amanda privately at as well. Thanks!

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      Is there an app version? The website isn’t friendly on my phone. Also, there’s this annoying video in the bottom corner (this day in history) how do I get rid of it?!!! Still diving in to everything but enjoying it.

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        I agree, I’m finding the community pages especially difficult to use because of that video at the bottom. I’m using the current version of safari on an iPhone.

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        I think the content is great!! The site- at least on iPhone, is not super user friendly. The biggest things I would want changed would be to 1) get the podcast onto Apple Podcasts (so we don’t have to go to the site- I couldn’t listen yesterday in my car bc the site wouldn’t load, so just listened to the one today on Apple Podcasts) 2) I would also love to be able to comment on posts (especially on the public page) without my full name being there. I love that I stay logged in- but initials or something would be more ideal 🙂 thank you B & Amanda!!!

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          Agreed! My only issue right now is that advertisement in the bottom corner. It doesn’t bother me that it’s an add as much as it covers the “submit” button so I have to contort my phone to be able to submit anything. And if I’m on the computer I can’t get around it.

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          If you check the email you got when you signed up it will tell you how to add the podcast to apple podcast.

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            Omg thank you Tara! That is super helpful

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      Loving the early access! I agree with the users above it’s not user friendly on iPhones. Any way you are working on an app based version? Keep up the great work!

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      Super annoying with the ad based video on my iPhone. I just want to check in with my people lol.

      Love the possibilities:) xo


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      I am loving the Cocktailers exclusive mini pods, but have a question about the commercial-free weekly full pod. I played this week’s pod on Castos and it said it was 1 hour 17 minutes. Mine cut to the Keke Wyatt stand-alone pod around 25-35 minutes in and that was it. Just kept going to the next standalone pod. I tried to play it again and it did the same thing.

      Also not a fan of the ad here in the community.

      BUT, in addition to the best tea, you have the best customer service! You ladies rock.

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      I might be missing it, but how do I create a screennname vs posting under my real name?

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      Ok I finally made the little widget to make it easier to use on my iphone. But as of yesterday now it makes me login again every time i go on it. And before i log in it shows the ads at the bottom.

      You ladies mentioned discord as a possibility and I just started using that for another group I am in and it is more user friendly. For now I am just going to use my laptop to get my tea from you!

      Just wanted to jump on and share my input.

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      New here! Love the content. Agree with others that it is not user friendly for iPhone users.

      Also, is there a search bar somewhere that I am missing? This obviously could be challenging with blind items but maybe it could return results with user comments, headers, etc

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