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        Ok thoughts on Summer House? Chris is boring and odd. Gabby is way too high on herself and I cannot listen to her talk anymore. Karl and Hubs need to move along. Sam seems like she follows Kyle around which is weird. Mya I am loving even more and Danielle has never looked better!

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        Melissa Davis

          I am enjoying the season.  I think this may be Karl and Hubs last season though.  I think Karl is having a miserable time there.


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            I freaking love Kyle this season (& Amanda…but I have always been an Amanda fan). I actually like Gabby; she’s extra but a fun extra. I felt the same way about Sam but she’s friends with Amanda so it’s not that weird. Ciara (even after on episode) is growing on me a lot and I loooooove Maya. Always have always will. She’s the best thing to happen to summerhouse.

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