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        Just curious how everybody is feeling about the girls? Mainly the friends of?

        I’m kind of hoping for Angie K to get a snowflake once (we assume) Jen is gone.

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        Paige Palmer

          Ughhh sorry….can’t understand why any of them are on. Angie K is inventing her storyline and Danna? Whyyyyyy???

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            I’m actually liking Angie K and Danna this season. I like that they’re calling Jen out on her crap because everyone lets her get away with her horrible toddler like behavior.

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                Agreed – I like Angie K. I think we need to see more of her, without Jen Shah around.

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                Another hot take that I’m fully prepared to take hate for…Heather is driving me crazy this season. I still love her but she’s blindly defending people that are very clearly wrong and harping on the most ridiculous things.

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                  I like that the new girlies are holding their own and don’t placate Jen or any of the other women. I find it super interesting how badly Heather is coming off this season. Curious to hear how others are feeling about her too.

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                      Yes!! This! I love how the new girls are standing up to Jen. Heather on the other hand, love her but.. this is not her season

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                    Paige Palmer

                      Oh Heather, Heather. How far the mighty have fallen 🙁

                      Whitney could have been the MVP this season, but peaked way too early. Her trauma was heartbreaking, but there was an element of making it the excuse for her bad behavior. Slurred drunkeness is never a good look. Her relationship issues with Heather were sad to see too.

                      The Lisa/Meredith feud is giving me Heather DuBrow/Shannon vibes. Messy, messy and has gone on way too long. The impact is gone. Too bad the awks makeup with the husbands didn’t help either.

                      Jen Shah? what is there to say about that? She’s one perceived slight away from burning the whole place down. Poor Coach.

                      And lastly, the newbs/friends are a waste of airtime. Please get Danna off my screen. She is a blob of protoplasm. Angie K is trying to make a name by coming for Jen, but sadly it seems petty and thirsty in a bid for relevancy. She hasn’t established herself outside of trashing Jen which tells me she’s got nothing. So tacky to talk money in front of the other girls. Why do you need to embarrass her.  Ditto for Angie H. None of this is a good look or makes them memorable.


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                      Bravo obsessed

                        I kept confusing the new girls and how they’re connected to the group but I’m a bit behind and watch it while I work.
                        I want to like Danna, she holds her own but she needs to work on herself/learn to formulate an articulate sentence or two 🤷🏻‍♀️

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                          I am underwhelmed this season….

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                              Agreed – a little underwhelmed too. I want the old Heather back!

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                                  Definitely agree with this! Heather and her blind loyalty was frustrating, Meredith was boring, Jen is a criminal, Whitney was whiney. Only good was Lisa who deserves presents for breathing 😂

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                                Does anyone know why Reunion Part 1 did not air last Wednesday?

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                                  Melissa Davis

                                    Same!  I find myself looking at my phone a lot while watching.

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                                    Ughhhh…Heather, Heather, Heather….what happened?! She was my favorite, the best…then even in part 1 of the reunion, she started to win me back over because she actually said something against Jen. But this damn eye story is making her look SO BAD. I’m now 100000% convinced that the Botox theory is correct. No way she blacked out and hit her eye (after 5am, because we see Meredith, Jen and Angie K come in at 4:50am), and by 12 noon the next day it was THAT bad. She’s protecting herself and her business I think. And her just back and forth, not owning anything…ugh it hurts watching her this season.

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                                        I agree!!

                                        Did you catch when she said she was afraid that “they” would rewrite the narrative? Both Andy and Lisa asked “who is they?” Lol!


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                                            Yes! She kept contradicting herself the entire time. “I wanted an investigation” “I was afraid of them doing an investigation”.

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                                          Courtney Read

                                            I 100% agree. I still want to read her book though. I was not a fan of any of the friends. I hope the old Heather is back next season. What’s the Botox theory?

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                                                Basically just botched Botox (presumably from Beauty Lab…which wouldn’t be a good look for her of course). It just seems like that was a VERY black eye to happen just a few hours before, and I guess if botox goes wrong it can cause severe bruising? Who really knows…we know we won’t!

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