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        I thought I’d go ahead and create a post for this topic.

        What is going on!? Raquel and Sandoval!? I thought Raquel and Schwartz was the lowest of lows, but no. Raquel really went a step further. Is this all for a story line? Sandoval and Ariana were together for 9 YEARS. It doesn’t surprise me that he cheated. I’m surprised that he cheated with Raquel! I wonder how long this has been going on. And what about the Schwartz thing? Did he know about this? I’m so heartbroken for Ariana. #TeamAriana

        Can’t wait to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!

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        Christina Graham Sarnese

          I forget how long ago it was but there was a blind about a bar star screwing someone other than their partner in a public bathroom. Everyone was screaming Jax in the comments but I bet it was Tom 🤦🏼‍♀️ so awful

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          Cristen kelso

            I read it’s been going on for 7 months. James said the info gets worse and they would hook up with Ariana IN THE HOUSE. There’s no coming back from this, they’re DUNZO as far as the fans go

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              Thank you for starting this thread! I’m going to add it to the email I’m sending to all our members today so other Cocktailers jump in on the convo.


              This situation is BANANAS.

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              Anna Javor

                It’s crazy! The thing is there is no way that Schwartz did not know, so i bet their situation was a distraction for Sandoval..

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                  I caught repeats this week where they showed the miami girl confronting Tom at SUR. That Tom is so different than the guy we see now- the fame has gotten to his head and his narcissism has grown over the years. Even last season his attitude with Lala and now this season talking about the Randall situation. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Team Ariana and don’t even get me started on Rochelle to steal Amandas name. #trash

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                    I do believe Schwartz knew and kept quiet for Sandoval. Is this why he played along with the Racquel storyline??? To cover for his buddy? We know he was with Jo the entire time so why even play along unless it was to cover up for his friend.

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                    I T

                      Tom Sandoval is just the worst… he’s just been trying to be the main male character of the show for years pretending to be a good friend and a good boyfriend…. But he’s always looked so sleazy to me. Also… that band? Is such a cringe and sad gig! He’s literally frittering all his money to pay for a band for him to be a rockstar… while covering songs!!
                      You could tell that Ariana had lost her mojo… same as katie… they were with guys that were too busy playing “business”, took them for granted and didn’t look after them.Ariana is such a gorgeous woman and will do so much better without Tom!!

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                        I’m not looking forward to seeing how Sandoval tries to spin this… this is such a betrayal. Ariana has been so supportive and this is so embarrassing and heartbreaking for her.


                        I’m really upset that the Toms are supposed to be on winter house- I know they’re friendly with Kyle but I don’t like that they’ll have another platform to defend themselves. I wanna see the girlies have fun and get some money!

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                        Eden Mark

                          They need to reset the winter house cast. They’ve cut out Alex they can do to before!

                          Even better if they replace the Tom’s with Katie and Ariana – or Lala!

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                          Rebecca Trigilio

                            I’m starting to doubt that Schwartz and Raquel ever hooked up and that it was a cover up all along. And he had to have known, I guess I’m not shocked he went along with it for so long.

                            I’m not looking forward to seeing them on Winter House either. I’d rather see a show with all the girls living their best lives and thriving in their friendships, businesses, and love.

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                                I think it was all a cover. Schwartz was going along with it to distract from his relationship with Jo and Sandoval was the Tom that Raquel was seen with at Coachella.

                                Schwartz gets away with a lot and he was already under heat for his marriage breaking down so he took the Raquel rumors and ran with them. Sure maybe they had something too but I think Jo was already in the picture.

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                                Andy’s post today about the sweatshirt. It’s sending blue dress vibes 🤢🤣😶

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                                Paige Palmer

                                  I’m dying here. Guess who’s following Rocky on insta? Sandy has no Shame🤦‍♀️🤮

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                                    that drunk Bambi post from October yall reminded us about. All the posts about her hanging out at the bar and shows alone. The necklaces.

                                    this has been going on in plain view. So crazy.

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                                    Bravo obsessed

                                      Wasn’t there a blind here titled “cheating couple?” Andy asked Raquel and Scheana on WWHL who the cheating couple is and Raquel was like “ooh I know” and I bet later on Scheana pulled the info out of her and that’s when Ratquel confessed

                                      also I think Andy is reading the blinds on this site 🍾

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                                        Anyone watching the new episode right now? Watching this knowing what we know now….is bizarre.

                                        Raquel is so cringy…

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                                        TaTisha Walton

                                          I’m re watching season 9 and on the reunion part 1 when James and Rachel breakup the looks that Sandoval was giving was very suspicious. I’m thinking they hooked up in season 9 and then started back up

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                                            Is there any chance at all, any, that this is just some wild & calculated act for ratings? Bc I’m still SHOOK and it’s been 2 weeks 😂

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