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      Bravo obsessed

        Hi Amanda, I’ve been using my phone only for the website. When I’m in the podcast or community sections, is there an easy link anywhere to be able to return to the home page without having to use the back arrows?

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          Hi! Absolutely!


          Is the menu (the three little lines) not showing up when you’re in those sections? Can you please also tell me what kind of phone you’re on? Thx!

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          Melanie Alvarez

            I have an iPhone and in these two areas, there is no menu bar. It’s a hassle to use the back arrows to go back to the main community page.

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            Bravo obsessed

              I’m using an iPhone 11. I do have 3 little arrows at the top but since I always go to the website through IG it keeps the IG dots up there if that makes sense. I’ll save the website link in my browser without IG and see if that helps

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