Miami Mid season trailer!

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        Miami Mid season trailer dropped. Looks amazing…sound off!

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        Paige Palmer

          Miami is en Fuego lol

          All the other franchises should watch for their homework assignment. We get a lot of drama and crazy stories but at the end of the day unlike BH it’s not toxic or dirty. And I love how all the ladies are coming together and swaddling Lisa.

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            Agree! Miami is why most of us started watching these shows to begin with! Not to mention the fabulous outfits and lifestyles

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              I love a midseason trailer and this one didn’t disappoint. Curious what everyone thinks about:


              Larsa – is she bringing it or bringing attention to others’ drama and not her own?

              Kiki: Do we need to see more of her story, or do we like her as a friend? (She seems kind of a mystery to me)

              Adriana: Do we like the way she brings the drama? Is she mean-spirited or just moving things along?

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                  Watching the episode now! Miami is the best franchise right now (IMO).

                  Nicole’s “surprise” to Larsa (trying not to give anything away)…*chefs kiss*.


                  Larsa is fine in my opinion. She doesn’t have much of a storyline except bringing drama but she’s good at that at least. I love Kiki and want more of her. Audriana and Julia both bore me.

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