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      Hey Cocktail Party Crew!


      We are working out a few kinks and working on some features and figured we’d share with you (as of 11/19):

      • Push notifications – currently they’re not working consistently
      • Mobile notifications: The reason we ask for your number when you sign up is because we may send out mobile notifications about new posts, new features, etc. Let us know what you think about that…
      • We will be adding a bunch of “getting started” content to make it easy to learn how to use the site, especially the Community page, because there’s kind of a learning curve.
      • You will start getting a weekly digest email that tells you about all the posts and pods for the entire week, in case you missed them
      • We plan to add a bunch of little tweaks to the Community page, including the ability to “like” posts, etc.
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      Hey everyone! Few updates for you.


      -Push notifications: We still don’t like the way they’re working, so we’re looking at other options. Is this important to you? We’d love your thoughts

      -Getting Started Content: Still coming!

      -Ads: We *think* we have gotten rid of all ads across the entire site for all members. If you still see them, and you’ve refreshed your page, etc – can you please send me a screenshot at ?

      -Community: I’m still not loving the way it’s working, and the fact that the menu disappears is something we’re actively trying to fix. More on that soon.


      Thanks Cocktail Party Crew!

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