On the outs…

May 22, 2023


Here’s so SLC tea:

Mary was in Bermuda and at the finale party which was crazy

Whitney is on outs with almost all the cast

Mary was in the mix of the drama at the finale


  1. Brooks

    Good – Whitney is too fake. She’s a very transparent pot stirrer, and the way she went after Meredith about her father’s funeral was awful

  2. Valerie Stevenson

    I couldn’t care less about this cast and show. Couldn’t. Care. Less. Especially when they said they were brining Mary back. They had a shot at a real show after Jen went away and had no Mary. How did DC not make it but this horrible show is still in?

  3. NotAboutTom

    I don’t want Mary back until she can talk about her scamming her church. Say what you will about Whitney, at least she ain’t bangin her grandpa and scamming innocent people

  4. That’s my opinion

    Agreed. Unless Mary Cosby has to film at a pride parade, I’m disengaging.


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