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Word on the street is that two of the “friend of” candidates for the new season of RHOSLC, were told if they wanted to be considered for the show they would have to go after Jen Shah. They did just that at The end of season party and attacked Shah’s Mental Health. Some people will do anything for fame, pretty disgusting if they earn a spot on the show. We love Drama, but Mental Health is a disease not a topic of Drama.

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  1. JBJ

    Nothing more annoying to me than misuse of capitalization. “Mental health” and “drama” are not proper nouns.

    • Me

      I love a fellow grammar Nazi.

      • Zarin

        Sounds like you both need a Hobby

        • Lulz

          Jen is that you?

  2. Telemarketer

    They’re ruining that show with the staged nonsense

  3. What the

    Wait why is no one talking about how messed up yhis is?????? Hello???

  4. Catmom

    This must have been written by Jen Shah herself. No one else on this planet would choose to capitalize words like that.


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