Southern charm ☕️

Apr 8, 2022

From: Charming Winter

Subject: lil southern/\winter tea neva hurt nobody

Spill It to
This season on ~Southern Charm~
*Naomi & Whitneys hook ups the whole season which nobody saw comin’.
*Austen & Craig get into physical altercation.
*Austen is seeing new girl Olivia from Charleston, will be introduced this season.
*Shep Rose will have his most shocking scenes ever. Taylor is a trooper.
*Madison’s fiancé Brett will not be shown.


???this season is going to be bananas!


  1. Caity

    Wait, why did you blur it out?

    • Karen

      Kathryn? Her season should be messy

  2. Oh snap

    Oooooooo is this the pregnancy announcement blurred?!?!? We haven’t heard who on bravo is preggo yet! Kathryn? Paige snd Craig?!?

    • Sue

      Maybe that is why they have to go back and film!

  3. jules

    Naomi and Whitney “hooking up” just totally blind sided me. yuck.

    • Anon

      It’s how she got her way back into the show. He’s a producer so she slept with him to get back in … or so I’ve heard


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