Broken marriage in Nashville….

Jan 21, 2022

From a follower “ Might have been interesting since Travis Tritt’s 22-year-old daughter is a big ‘ol homewrecker. Broke up Carly Pearce’s marriage with Michael Ray.”



  1. IHateCountryMusic

    Can we please stop calling third parties homewreckers?! The person in the relationship is the one responsible!!!

    • Tisk tisk

      I mean, they’re for sure both at fault but the word is literally in the Oxford dictionary as the person outside of the relationship (shrug)

    • Smh

      She obviously knew he was married, so it’s not like she’s innocent

    • Facts

      If the person knew that there was a marriage at stake and they didn’t back off, they’re a home wrecker. Plain and simple. Both parties are at fault.. not just the one in the relationship.

    • Lala

      When the third party KNOWS the person is married, they are a homewrecker. Not knowing is a different story. Women need to stop giving men the power to cheat on other women!

    • Liiiike….

      Right? Technically, it only applies if the home is ‘wrecked’. May not be. shrugs

  2. Tisk tisk

    It’s true. MR has been friends with the Tritt family for a while. There are photos of him and her (the homewrecker) only a few months into his marriage with CP. There are lots of Reddit posts on it too. After MR & CP announced their split in June 2020, Tyler changed her FB status to "in a relationship" and has since posted several photos with MR (although he doesn’t post her).
    CP’s new album gives some details on it too. At the end of the day, CP won though – she has an award winning album and he’s got a child of a gf riding on her daddy’s coattails.

  3. Coll


  4. MM

    Carly won. Her new album is amazing, female vocalist of the year, and Riley King. Trifecta. She seems like she so deserves all the good things!

    • Team CP

      Agreed! And she kept it classy through it all. Nothing but good things for her <3

  5. Titsmcgee

    once a home wrecker, always

  6. Sara

    he wrecked whatever home he had. The blame lies with him.


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